About Eirdís Ragnarsdóttir

Eirdís Ragnarsdóttir was born in Reykjavík, Iceland. With a Chinese mother and diplomatic Icelandic father, she has lived in Reykjavík, Beijing, Tokyo, and is currently situated in New York. She graduated from NYU GALLATIN with a minor in Psychology and individualized major of The Concept of Self Through History focusing on The Modern Self As A Commodity. 

Through her work, Eirdís challenges the concept of femininity.. Her most recent series, "edibles," compares and places the material perception of femininity next to the growing commodification of food. The attractive comical interaction between the female body and food highlights the relevant consequences of the 21st century woman and how the misconception of femininity can lead to a disjointed sense of self torn between external and internal embodiment.

She is fluent in English, Icelandic, Chinese with an elementary proficiency in Danish. Her other works include ceramics, photography and digital illustration.



Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China May 2013 - Research Student: Traditional Western and Chinese Painting.

New York University, New York, NY May 2017 - BA independent studies in The History of Self and The Modern Self as a Commodity, Minor in Psychology.


Exhibitions & Publications    



Jerks production: Fused underground Philadelphia april 2018

Mocca Arts Festival New York, ny april 2018



Raw Arts festival brooklyn ny december 2017

           Showcased series "edibles" among an eclectic group of curated artists hosted at well renowned venue; brooklyn bazaar.

Raw ARts Festival New york ny october 2017

            Collaboration fashion piece with Samantha Darryanto presented down the runway.

Gallatin Arts Festival New York, NY April 2017

           Painting series "Edibles," a commentary on Female Objects and   it's relationship with food.

           Performed 13 minute improvisational painting on a 120x120cm canvas inspired by scholar and writer Quanda Johnson's thesis project "Ballad of Anthony Crawford.

Nasty Woman Unite Fest Queens New York, NY April 2017

          Oil Paintings "Inside Out" and "Tangled" presented at William Hallet in Nasty Woman's multi-day donation based arts festival with the aim to provide a home for intersectional feminism.

NYU Course-List Cover Gallatin New York, NY April 2017

          Oil Painting "Blóm" granted as the 2017 NYU Official Course List front and back Cover.

Gallatin Arts Festival New York, NY April 2016

          Oil paintings titled "Body, I," exposing the graphic journey of recovering from eating disorders and the objectified female body.

Featured at Confluance Publication 2016

Arteasta Beijing, China July 2012

          Fashion inspired ink illustrations at opening ceremony.

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