Eirdís Ragnarsdóttir was born in Reykjavík, Iceland. With a Chinese mother and diplomatic Icelandic father, she has lived in Reykjavík, Beijing, Tokyo, and is currently situated in New York. She minors in Psychology at NYU and concentrates in The Concept of Self Through History with a focus on The Modern Self As A Commodity. 

Through her work, Ragnarsdóttir explores a few themes surrounding the self. One of which concerns the distancing of body from self, perceiving the body as a separate branch within the self-structure. This merchandising of the physique responds to social media profiling of which the body symbolizes a foreign reality. Other themes include the malleability of self in concordance to environment, culture, and history. Ragnarsdóttir portrays her studies of the self in artistic form highlighting the development of the distracted, dynamic modern self.

Her other works include digital illustrations, logos, tattoo and website design.